Words cannot describe… or Different Points of View

16th June 2014

Pictured below from the left are Shaun Woods (double and triple checking the route), Martyn Grant and John Hall (the blue pod cyclists).

You’ll notice two empty plates of food – both riders having finished a Thai green curry, followed by chopped melon prepared by Jill Trick.

The quote from John Hall was, “I cannot begin to describe the elation of returning to the motor-home after a 7 hour cycling shift, it feels like a safe and secure place to be.”

Martyn Grant, his training partner and the other 50% of the two man blue pod, often sees his glass half empty and was heard to say, “Yeah, and in about six hours time we’ll be starting another 7 hour shift. My backside feels like my arm used to when kids in the playground gave me a ‘Chinese burn’ and we’ve still got over 2,000 miles to go.”

Same motor-home, same food, different points of view.

Within 15 minutes of this photo, the motor -home is packed up and on its way 100 or so miles along the route in order to prepare for the arrival of the ‘green pod’ (James Fuller and Dave Shephard)

The circle of travel, preparation of food, (breakfast for outgoing riders and proper meal for incoming) clearing up, packing down, shopping, laundry and back to travel continues.


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