Welcome to California!

11th June 2014

California Day 1

This is the view from the pier at Oceanside California, showing the Pacific Ocean, and behind the cars on the right the Boulevard where the 4 person race starts at midday on Saturday.

Twelve of the seventeen crew were in Oceanside last night. All looking for a quiet time at a seafront restaurant. Paul Baines, (a likely candidate to win the prize for most time spent ‘on the naughty step’ during RAAM) was immediately drawn to the cocktail menu and ‘happened upon’ a drink called a ‘SKUNK DUNK,’ which included many of the usual alcoholic ingredients along with shrimp oil and ground monkey nuts. Yes we are definitely in the USA. Obviously we didn’t order (many) of these drinks and definitely none for the riders.

John Hall and Martyn Grant, two of our cyclists arrived from the UK at about 5.00pm yesterday afternoon and both were seen disappearing to their room by 8.30pm. At least the athletes are remaining sensible, something we’ll all be doing the closer we get to the start of the race.

For the time being we are making sure our vehicles are correctly branded and in sound condition to enable them to pass the inspection on Friday. Last minute supplies are being sought and purchased as there will be very little time once the show gets on the road.

During the next 14 days or so I’ll attempt to bring you the ‘highs & lows’ of our Race Across America and hopefully convince one or two of you to make a donation to Asthma UK, a truly worthwhile charity.

Why not download the free Tractalis app, favourite the London Pride Spinhalers and follow our progress across America.


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