We Did It !!!

22nd June 2014

17 individual journeys and one brilliant team.

The London Pride Spinhalers successfully completed the 3020 mile Race Across America, breaking the tape earlier this morning at 01.06am.

Along the way we witnessed teams having full scale roadside arguments. Cyclists not agreeing with crew decisions on dietary requirements, or refusing to drink certain electrolyte drinks because they didn’t like the taste. One team (I use the word ‘team’ loosely) had to hire an additional vehicle because two crew members refused to travel in the same space.

The London Pride Spinhalers had the occasional difference of opinion, but nothing to cause us to lose any race time. The four cyclists, John Hall, Martyn Grant, Dave Shephard and Sir James Fuller were magnificent throughout. Pedalling across deserts, over the Rockies, through the high winds of Kansas, the occasional monsoon and the huge rolling hills of the Appalachians – They were relentless.

The support crew deserve massive praise. All operating on brief moments of sleep grabbed here and there. Food of a high quality was always ready where and when it should be, a healthy breakfast for the outgoing pair of cyclists and well planned nutritious meals for the incoming pair.

Maggie and Rachelle looked after the guys superbly, ensuring they were well nourished and hydrated at all times. Making sure they stretched off, pre and post cycling and constantly massaging aching limbs. All four cyclists have subsequently said how vital their contribution was to their efforts.

We also finished the race without a single time penalty which is rare amongst seasoned campaigners and virtually unheard of in ‘rookie’ teams. We may have been a rookie team a few days ago but we have all picked up a massive amount of experience in a very short period of time.

Team at Finish Line

Nothing sums up the achievement better than the following email sent to the LPS team from deputy crew chief Mark Reed a few hours after the race was over. I’m sure he won’t mind me correcting his grammar and reproducing it on this page.

“We did it!

Thank you everyone for an unforgettable week, that I can barely remember!

Our official RAAM result is, we completed 3020 miles on 22nd June at 01:06 giving us a race time of 7 days, 9 hours and 42 mins with an average speed of 17mph. Fantastic.

I’m still tired and emotional and keep welling up with tears when I think about how far we have come, and I don’t mean 3020 miles.

You’re a great team and wonderful people. We help each other through our personal lows and celebrated our highs.

It has been incredible fun and I look forward to talking the week over with you so I can remember what on earth just happened!

My love to you all


An unbelievable and almost indescribable experience (not for the faint hearted). If you haven’t already done so, and thank you if you have, please make a small donation to Asthma UK, or via JustGiving. Go on, get the debit card out, enter the relevant digits and pledge a few £’s. Alternatively just text RAAM50 and an amount in pounds to 70070 i.e. RAAM50 £10 then send to 70070, it all goes to Asthma UK in memory of Antonia Thomas. It would be great for the team to see lots of new names on the list of contributors.

Every penny raised does  go directly to Asthma UK as all costs have been covered personally by the crew and our generous corporate sponsors.

Thank you in anticipation.

Asthma UK Thanks

The photo above is the team from Asthma UK, sending their thanks to the London Pride Spinhalers for all the fundraising, so we will share this thanks with you for all your donations – we couldn’t have done it without your support.



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