Was it something I said?

Later 16th June

Just 15 minutes before this photograph was taken Sir James Fuller, to give him his correct title, was explaining to me how hard the cycling had been during the previous 7 hours.

- The course had been extremely ‘lumpy’ (cycling speak for very hilly)

- The wind had been predominantly on the nose (in his face and not assisting)

- and the heat intense.

If you take a peak at the photo below you’ll see he was not a happy man.

JF Grumpy

However, a spoonful of yoghurt, a massage, the knowledge that a hot meal is imminent and that rest are just moments away, with a cheery or encouraging word from a member of the crew, things can change in an instant.

It’s fair to say fatigue has set in amongst the crew but whenever the cyclists are around everyone needs to remain upbeat. Whilst we don’t get as much rest as the four cyclists, we certainly don’t spend our time cycling up and down mountains in the blistering heat.

The team has bonded incredibly well, and even minor differences of opinion are forgotten within minutes. It’s amazing how good you can feel after just a couple of hours of sleep. Or maybe that’s just relative to how dreadful you felt prior to the sleep!

JF Happy

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