The Training / Simulation Weekend is Underway

26th April 2014

I can confirm the majority of the crew seem to know what they’re doing and things appear to be going to plan.

It’s all slightlphotoy strange as the first two cyclists, (Martyn Grant & John Hall) are now just over four hours into their seven hour ‘stint’.’ Whilst the next two (James Fuller & David Shepherd) are sitting around, killing time, just raring to get on the road which they won’t be doing until 7.00pm this evening. Both slept well last night and don’t feel like resting at the moment. Having said that, when they finish their shift at 2.00am I’m certain they’ll be ready for their beds.

The cooking crew comprised Paul Baines and Shaun Woods who proved to be  excellent understudy’s to Head Chef Steve Hall.  I can only describe the curry, brown rice and yoghurt vegetable mix as first class. The bar has been set far too high, surely it can only go downhill from here – time will tell.

Cyclists have been weighed prior to their ‘shift’ and every bit of food and liquid consumed is monitored by Rachellphoto 4e & Maggie
who are in charge of massage and nutrition. They will prove to be the most important crew members as far as each cyclist is concerned. Although those of us involved with doing the laundry, food shopping, bike repair & maintenance will no doubt earn some credit as the ‘real race’ gets underway.

If I’m awake at 2.00am I’ll have a chat with a couple of the cyclists and get their views on how things are going from their perspective. After removing the majority of expletives I’ll then write a report for everyone to read.

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