The things we have to do

Later 19th June 2014

This blog is a bit of a round up of just some of the tasks we do on any given day. Its not all glamour . . .

In this photo Jill and Will must have drawn the short straw, as they get the unenviable job of emptying the motor home toilet!

Jill and Will empty motor home loo

The Green Pod contains cyclists Dave Sheppard (left) and Sir James Fuller (below), and for some reason I can’t fathom has become known as the ‘Posh Pod.’

Anyway, they’re tucking into a post ride bowl of Chilli con carne (whoever finishes first gets the full bowl in the middle).

DS and JF Chilli

Shaun (birthday boy) Woods and Jill Trick were studying the maps again. I’ve been told not to mention this in a blog but hey… I’m writing it.

Shaun and his merry crew managed to get lost today about 15 miles away from our rendezvous point of Greenville Illinois. At the time the Sat Nav had given up completely and was heard to say, “One more left turn and you’re lost forever.” The Garmin was out of battery and therefore useless. They had no phone signal and no 3G, so presumably no 4G either.

What do you do in a situation like this (and it’s your birthday)?

You get out of the vehicle and look to the sky, not looking for divine intervention, but to locate the sun. Shaun was convinced he was west of where he needed to be so could surely work out which general direction he needed to head by the position of the sun. I think it was Will Trick who pointed out it was mid day and the sun was directly overhead and they didn’t have an hour or so to decide which way it was heading!

Great plan Woodsy, we love your thinking.

SW and JT map reading

Shaun Woods, Jill Trick and Jeff Thomas working out the best strategy for getting the motor home, blue pod, and the sprinter vehicle from our current location of Graysville Indiana, to wherever 110 – 120 miles up the road will take us, in time to meet with green pod at the end of their shift.

SW JT and JPT logistics

In a sentence – getting a four man cycling team 3,000 miles across America is a logistical nightmare, but the boys and girls in the London Spinhalers Team are doing an admirable job.

We decided today that we are an extremely enthusiastic team of amateurs, and we are in a race with like minded competitors as well as extremely professional teams, (some teams even pay their crew) and we are more than holding our own. We are also just as keen to raise money for Asthma UK as we are to complete this challenge in a more than respectable time.

For the record we have completed about 2,175 miles with about 825 to go.

Go London Pride Spinhalers!

If you have been following this journey and enjoying Dave’s blogs, please either click here, or go to Just Giving to donate on-line or pick up your mobile and text RAAM50 and an amount in pounds to 70070 i.e. RAAM50 £10 then send to 70070. Thank you.

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