The Silent 18th Crew Member

26th June 2014

This blog is about our 18th crew member, who remained silent, but extremely helpful throughout our journey across the states, apart from the odd “hiss” now and then.

This member, came in a bottle, – not a can and no, it’s not alcohol as that’s allowed in RAAM!

Before, and after, every 7 hour shift the cyclists needed to re-fuel and have aching limbs massaged back to some kind of normality.Rachelle massage

Rachelle Healy from 4 Elements Fitness (photographed) looked after the Blue Pod riders John Hall and Martyn Grant. Ensuring they ate all the right food in the correct quantities and remained well hydrated. When it came to the massage, which at times was extremely painful, both riders agreed that the use of  both the Transdermal Technology (TDT) Performance and Recovery sprays made a huge difference to how they felt.

Each rider used TDT Performance Spray prior to starting their 30 minute pulls  as it acts as a ‘pick me up’ for mind and body performance.

But it’s wasn’t only the riders using the products but the support crew too.

Our Deputy Crew Chief & Driver Simon Jones and Navigator Phil Couch also used the TDT Performance Spray, containing caffeine, taurine, guarana and ginseng, to help them concentrate during the long night shifts.  The Performance Spray is sprayed and rubbed into the palms of your hands and then inhaled – this gives you an immediate burst of energy.

Rachelle Healy said the advantage of using this product over caffeine is that it leaves your body within 2 hours, this ensured the riders and crew were able to sleep after their shift and not be ‘wired’ or ‘ jittery’ for hours.

The TDT Recovery Spray, containing magnesium, niacin, zinc, arganine and trace elements, was sprayed directly onto the riders tired legs after most 30 minute pulls and always after each 7 hour shift. It’s absorbed directly into the blood stream, through the skin, increasing the rate of recovery and decreasing muscle soreness.

Rachelle and John on table

These products work so much quicker than ingesting tablets and give an almost instant effect – they perform faster, stronger and accelerate the recovery process.

You need to be fit to take on a challenge like this but anything extra you can gain from products is a bonus. After several days of using Transdermal Technology Performance and Recovery Sprays Rachelle, the riders and the crew could really see the benefits of using these products. The riders went from strength to strength, despite the extreme fatigue due to lack of sleep, so it was definitely beneficial using these products. Rachelle said they both work brilliantly and she would definitely recommend them.

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