The Handover or Rolling Exchange

17th June 2014

To briefly explain the photo below:

The four cyclists are split into two shifts (or pods) The Blue and the Green. The cyclists work in pairs, each cycling for around 30 mins while the other rests.  This pattern continues for about 7 hours before the other two cyclists take over.

In this photo, Dave Shephard is coming to the end of his half hour cycle and has just passed James Fuller. As the retiring rider, Dave in this instance, passes the new rider, James, he will return to the vehicle, leaving James to pedal hard for the next 30 mins or so, before they swap and Dave gets out on the road and waits for James to pass him… and so on.

This method is called the the Rolling Exchange and according to RAAM rules “The New Racer begins riding and wheel overlap is done with both riders in motion. The Retiring Racer then stops.”

DS and JF Handover This is spectacular scenery in Monument Valley, and you can tell the weather is ‘set fair.’ For the record the temperature gauge in the support vehicle read 105 degrees Fahrenheit during this particular stage!

DS in Monument Valley

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