The Gangs All Here!

13th June 2014

JF and MD arrival

Sir James Fuller & Maggie Davies arrive looking happy and raring to go!

The final pieces of the human jigsaw have arrived at Los Angeles airport and the team is now complete with less than 48 hours to go before the start of the race.

Damian Brewer & Phil Couch arrive with Dave Shephard's Bike Bikes. Where's Dave?

Damian Brewer & Phil Couch arrive with Dave Shephard’s Bike Boxes. Where’s Dave?

The final five all appear to be as excited as the rest of us and in good spirits following the eleven hour flight from Heathrow. Let’s hope this remains the case as the dreaded ‘jet-lag’ kicks in over the next couple of days.



CarBack in Oceanside, numerous meetings are taking place, and vehicles are being branded with sponsors logos and necessary signage for the Race Across America (RAAM).

We are also in search of the final ‘red triangle’ to make our third vehicle legal for the race. Believe me, it’s easier to get medically certified for the legal use of marijuana than it is to find a red triangle in the State of California.

We all knew sleep was going to be at a premium during the race but various team members have been sharing rooms with world renowned SNORERS and sleep (or lack of it) has already become an issue. Several of the London Pride Spinhalers are starting each day looking more tired than when they went to bed!

Earlier today we collected our 31 ft Motor Home which will provide accommodation for some and cooking facilities for all during RAAM. Those not lucky enough to make it into the Motor Home will be grabbing a few hours sleep in one of the RV’s (similar to a people carrier in the UK) and those judged to be the worst offenders on the snoring front will be utilising one man pop up tents (good luck with that during the 100 degree heat of the desert). For the record I’m a prime candidate for tent accommodation along the route.

We have various official inspections by the RAAM organisers tomorrow and then it’s one final night in the Ramada, Oceanside, before we get down to the business of cycling 3,000 miles in about 7 days raising some valuable funds for Asthma UK.


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