The Absolute End

24th June 2014

Below are two photos taken from the balcony of my room at The Inn at Perry Cabin, St Michaels, Maryland.

Following the crazy Race Across America on bicycles known as RAAM, all 17 London Pride Spinhalers were treated to the most fantastic break imaginable.

Three racing yachts were hired from a marina in Annapolis and we raced for five hours to our current location. A short walk from the dock and afternoon tea was served to the team. We then had tough decisions to make, would it be a swim and sunbathing, or a treatment in the spa, or perhaps a rest in our palatial rooms.

We then gathered for pre dinner drinks by the waterfront before sitting around a table in a private dining room to eat, drink and reminisce about the challenge we’d successfully undertaken.

Inevitably, we all made it to the bar before, one by one disappearing to our rooms for some solid, comfortable sleep.

I won’t cause any embarrassment by naming the individual who arranged and paid for this wonderful escape from reality, but all the London Pride Spinhalers know this person and are extremely appreciative. The Inn at Perry Cabin

The lows of the challenge (and there were a few) are no more than a distant memory. The highs (and there were many) will live with us all for the remainder of our lives.

As challenges go, this was extreme. It was worth doing for the individual and collective experiences we shared. No reward was necessary as we were, and remain, committed to the cause – which is to raise awareness and valuable funds for Asthma UK. It was announced last night that we will top the £50,000 target, although not all of this amount is currently showing on our various fundraising platforms.

Having said that, this short break has been brilliant and enjoyed by all of us. Massive thanks to the organiser.

The Inn at Perry Cabin 2

We will all depart soon for the airport, fly back to the UK and get on with our normal lives, knowing we took part in a brutal challenge and succeeded in completing it.

To ask for a donation now seems slightly strange as we are in the lap of luxury. However, for just over 7 days it was absolutely ‘full on’ trying to get 4 cyclists from Oceanside California, 3,000 miles across America to Annapolis Maryland.

Our week consisted of:

  • Preparing food for 17, which had to be cooked on a couple of gas rings,
  • Sleep being taken on the back seats of moving vehicles, never for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time,
  • Trying to dry laundry on hastily erected lines strung between a tree and our motor home,
  • Massaging aching limbs and strapping the cyclists up to push them a few more miles,
  • Driving  and navigating day and night at cyclist speed whilst passing them drinks and nutrition,
  • Mending a lot of punctures – and the odd wheel or two,
  • Scanning and plotting the maps and route to make sure we stayed on course and kept the team together,
  • Shopping and washing clothes on the run,
  • Writing blogs, taking photos and shooting video,
  • Uploading said blogs and photos to the web and social media,
  • Oh, and 4 of us cycled like crazy!

With a bike on the road constantly throughout the challenge and 13 crew all working above and beyond the call of duty, it has been a superb achievement.

If you can spare a few pounds please click here to remind yourself of the work Asthma UK do for sufferers and to make a donation.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us along the way and those of you who are about to by making a donation.


Team Supper after finish

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