Shusanah Pillinger

Later 21st June

In this photo Shusanah Pillinger is looking in some pain and with good reason.

Shu was widely tipped to become the first Female British Solo rider to complete RAAM in it’s 33 year history. Unfortunately, early yesterday morning whilst in third place she fell asleep on her bike (not for the first time) and fell off, breaking her collar bone.

It’s testament to her drive and determination the first thing she did having discharged herself from hospital was to go to the local bike shop to see if it would be possible to complete the ride on a three wheeled bike. Unfortunately, with a clean break to the clavicle, it wasn’t an option.

Jeff Thomas with David Trick used the tracking device Tractalis and located Shu and her crew two blocks off the RAAM route in a bar called Two 21 in Effingham.

She had been receiving news of the progress of London Pride Spinhalers from her crew throughout the race and wished us all the very best for the remaining miles.

She also kindly offered us the use of any of her support vehicles if we felt it would make our lives easier on the road. Whilst it would have helped, it would also have added to our logistical stress so we declined her very kind offer.

Brits Stick Together Overseas.

We wish Shu all the best and a speedy recovery.

DT and SP

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