Shift Change

15th June 2014

At 2.30am this morning John and Martyn were deposited into the ‘blue pod’ vehicle which will transport them around 15 miles to meet up with James and David (green pod) who will shortly finish their cycling ‘shift.’

I apologise for the poor quality of the photo but I used an iPad without a flash so you might find it difficult to see John at the back of the vehicle (I’m sure he was smiling!?)

night 1

Will Trick can be seen preparing chilli con carne for the crew and cyclists who have just finished their shift. To the right of the cooker is a bowl with red peppers and chicken, to the right of the bowl is a tube of proper oats – only healthy food on this trip which is a major disappointment for many crew members here in the land of the ‘Golden Arches’, Wendy’s, The Whopper, Colonel Sanders etc, etc,.


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