RAAM Officials know what they are talking about

18th June 2014

All the literature and any relevant on-line clips tell you that day three of The Race Across America is the worst day for crew members. It appears from our own experience this is indeed the case.

I assume adrenaline and excitement get you through the first 24 – 48 hours. The simple fact, after months of planning the race has begun is sufficient to keep everyone on their toes full of anticipation.

At some point during day three the intense lack of sleep leads to a few poor decisions being made and the consequent reaction to those decisions by other crew members. Whilst nothing is said, you can tell some people start to look for deficiencies in others rather than perhaps reviewing their own performance and the reasons behind it.

All of this could be so easily sorted out by a decent night of sleep, however, one thing you can absolutely guarantee is this will not become an option until after the race has finished.

As you move into day four/five all the circumstances remain the same, but the famous second wind kicks in. Perhaps, it has something to do with passing the halfway stage and a mental readjustment knowing it will all be over in a few days time. Or, maybe the body and mind become more used to the lack of sleep and adjust accordingly.

Whatever it is, we are definitely more effective now than we were 24 hours ago and hopefully this will continue all the way to Annapolis.

Maggie and Dave

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