Pulled Again!

Later 17th June 2014

Ok, I know this is a completely rubbish photo and you can’t even see what it’s supposed to be portraying. To clarify, it was taken through the back window of one of our support vehicles during the middle of last night, you should be able see a bike and a blue/red light!)


Paul Baines was driving, Will Trick, David Trick and Steve Hall were the passengers.

To be honest I was grabbing a few minutes sleep at the time and was woken to the words, “Are we being pulled over?”

Clearly we were as Officer Garcia introduced himself.

“Good evening Officer” said Paul Baines in his best BBC announcers English accent.

Garcia – “Do you know why I’ve pulled you over sir?”

Baines – “32 mph in a 30 mph limit?” (with a hint of hope and optimism).

Garcia – “37 mph in a 30 mph limit sir.”

Baines – I’m terribly sorry officer, it must have been just a momentary lapse in concentration… etc

Officer Garcia took his driving licence to ‘run his details’, and about 10 minutes later returned, apparently Bainsey’s licence was given a clean bill of health and we were let off with a caution.

Baines – “Thank you officer, I’ll take care and continue with the cycle race across America raising valuable funds for charity.” (He honestly said this and I thought for a moment Officer Garcia might even make a donation!).

No such luck, but you can if you click here, or here for JustGiving or text RAAM50 £10 to 70070

We are currently in Kansas, having left Oceanside California at 8.30pm (UK time) on Saturday, about 1,500 miles into the 3,000 mile challenge.

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