Planning The Gala Dinner

31 April 2014

This morning witnessed a gathering of London Pride cyclists, crew, & supporters all with a common aim; to provide the most memorable event of the year to those attending the Gala Dinner at Hartham Park on Thursday 22 May.

imageWe have secured the services of  former England & British Lions second row, current BT Sport & Crimewatch presenter, not forgetting his role as Hagrid’s body double in all the Harry Potter films, Martin Bayfield (pictured) to entertain us with a speech (widely regarded as the best sporting speaker in the UK).

Also secured for the evening is Jonny Gould who will conduct an auction of some wonderful items (it’s not often you leave an event talking about how entertaining the auction was – this may well be an exception!)

In addition we have wonderful food, a fully stocked bar and a few light-hearted games and competitions including  PUB or DUD  where we will show you a pub sign and ask if you think it’s a genuine PUB name or a DUD. If you’re correct you remain in the hunt for a wonderful prize, if not you can relax for a few minutes.

A quick trial for you – THE FAWCETT INN – THE SKIVING SCHOLAR & THE BUCKET OF BLOOD, which of these three is a PUB and which is a DUD?

For regular visitors to the London Pride Spinhalers site, you will know we are raising money for Asthma UK  In a later blog I’ll provide more information on why we have chosen this charity, and why all of the crew and cyclists are so committed to completing RAAM and raising some significant funds.

As for PUB or DUD they are all genuine Pub names.

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