One of those moments . . .

15th June 2014

Every now and then the stars align and everything comes together at the right time.

Regarding the race I’m full of admiration for the four cyclists who continue to pedal hard in the searing desert heat. Maybe the cooler weather and hilly terrain of the Rockies will favour the London Pride Spinhalers in a day or so. Just 18 hours into the event and they’ve already covered over 320 miles.

The support crew remain upbeat and positive, working tirelessly to ensure everything is provided for the cyclists as and when required. Following writing this blog, I believe I’m off to get some food shopping (I haven’t seen a store in over 50 miles!) and I notice someone has placed a bag of laundry in my vehicle so presumably I’m also looking for a launderette too.

We are now in Congress Arizona, where the annual arrival of RAAM is seen as one of the highlights of the year. You’ll see they have set up stalls providing drinks, fruit, cakes etc, a large blue paddling pool, or ‘hot tub’ as we like to call it.

Time Station Watermelons

Shaun Woods and Paul Baines (who else!) were choosing a few items for consumption. Suzanne the lady (pictured between the boys below) explained how nothing was priced just make a donation if you feel like it. She then talked us through some of the produce available. Paul noticed there wasn’t much melon remaining and said he didn’t want to be known as the person who took the last piece of melon.

Time Staion Paul and Shaun

Suzanne proudly announced she had a chest full of melons… Well the race was on, which of the three of us was going to get the line out first?

I’m proud to say I beat Paul and Shaun by almost a second as the words, ‘In that case I’d be pleased to remove a couple of melons from your chest.’ tumbled out of my mouth.

The three of us found this to be highly amusing while Suzanne smiled, clearly not getting the joke (or the English sense of humour?!) as she opened the chest and handed me a couple of melons.

Suzannes Chest

Small things please small minds, especially when you’re tired!!



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