Nearly the last day of racing…

21st June 2014

Sorry this blog is late, internet connection has been an issue in the Appalachian Mountains.

I have pieced together the activity over the last 24 hours.

This photo was taken moments before the arrival of ‘Green (or Posh) Pod.’ John of  ‘Blue Pod’ is about to go out for what could be his last 7 hour session.

John has asked Rachelle if she can help him put on his cycling shoes!

JH cycling shoes

Below is Phil Couch (navigator and bike mechanic) changing an inner tube, assisted by Jeff Thomas. It’s not the first puncture, but hopefully the last as we now have about 250 miles to go before the finish line – YIPPEE!

Fixing a puncture

As usual, you always need people to watch when real workers are doing their thing, and this role was ably filled by Shaun Woods (as in Tiger) and Paul Baines.

Well done boys they couldn’t have done it without you.

Sw and PB tyre watch

Another time and place, Maggie Davies has looked after the physical well-being of Dave and James for several months and in particular during the last 7 days.

She looks on slightly disapprovingly as the pair are faced with their first decision in a week. As it’s the last day they’ve been allowed to eat in a restaurant, (the first meal since the race started not prepared by the crew and scrutinised by Maggie). They seem bewildered; all they’ve done for the last 2,750 miles is cycle when they’re told, sleep when they’re told, and eat what and when they’re told.

DS and JF restaurant

Ask them to make one decision and it seems too much. Maggie might have to order for them.

Maggie watch DS and JF

Porridge and Raisins – Maggie did order for them!!


Not happy, especially James, who looks as though he’s about to burst in to tears!

Later that day . . .

There seems to be a theme developing. On this occasion Dave Shephard is changing an inner tube with Sir James Fuller and Mark Reed looking on.

I mentioned a few hours ago I was hopeful with just 250 miles to go we might get away without any more punctures… they managed to pick up two more during the last 100 or so miles, making a total of 6 for the trip (Green Pod).

We believe the number for Blue Pod is considerably higher but they are currently on the road, eating up a few more miles before the final push to Annapolis so I can’t confirm this.

puncture repair

Nearly there!

Without our sponsors this would never have been possible – Thanks so much to Fuller’s Brewery, Ark Data Centres, Skyscape Cloud Services, Vectura Group and Widcombe House Investments.


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