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26th April 2014
photo 1-1Do you remember the days when you used to get on your bike and go for a ride? How times have changed.

Even a social ride today seems to involve a certain amount of lycra, cycling gloves, definitely a helmet and ‘special’ shoes to clip into your ‘special’ pedals.

The RAAM boys have taken this to another level. With the advent of modern technology they now have  cameras and communication systems.

You see from the two photos, James Fuller (or to use his full title – Sir James Fuller, or as I like to call him, Oi You, Pedal Faster) is sporting a ‘Go-Pro’ camera and harness on his chest together with a Cardo Systems, communications device on his bike helmet. This system allows him to talk to other cyclists and crew members, and annoyingly for him, it allows them to talk to him (no one has told him where the ‘off’ switch is!). When the time for talk is over he can listen to music without blocking out tphoto 2-1he sound of any approaching traffic – amazing.

The  Go-Pro camera is a remarkable little device which allows the crew to see exactly what’s in front of him. It’ll also prove useful when we put together a recording of our experience this weekend and more importantly of our Race Across America in June.

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