Losing the Plot?

Even later on the 15th June

There are many regulations every team needs to follow and certain roads which the cyclists plus one support vehicle can use but not the motor homes or additional RAAM support vehicles.

I didn’t want to interrupt because it all appeared to be a little tense, but it appears we might need to make an additional 200 mile trip with the motor home because of a missed turn earlier in the day.

The combined brains of Steve Hall (left) and Shaun Woods are using computers and good old fashioned maps to see if there is an alternative route we can plot which will not contravene RAAM rules thus incurring time penalties for our riders. Steve and Shaun plotting

Through the window you will see the remnants of a breakfast (5.30pm PDT) for outgoing cyclists John Hall and Martyn Grant. Soon to be replaced with an evening meal for the arriving cyclists, James Fuller and David Shephard.

Supporting 4 cyclists is a full time job.

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