John is causing problems!!

Later on the 15th June

Those of you who know John will assume from the title he’s “gone off on one” of his famous rants, or possibly not kept his overly competitive nature in check.

None of that this time. John’s weight appears to be causing a problem with his wheels. Phil Couch, chief navigator and head mechanic looks a forlorn figure as he hold £2,000 worth of wheels (if they weren’t broken). The current value is possibly a touch more than their weight in scrap.

Phil and wheels

In fairness to John he has lost 15 kg of weight during his 10 month training period, just over two and half stone in old money. Leaving him at a very trim 105 kg (around 16 stone.. ish). However I’m not sure the carbon fibre wheels are the ideal material for the weight and power he’s pushing through them. Perhaps steel would have been better for durability, although probably a touch on the heavy side!

I don’t want to cast aspersions, but I’m sure his saddle post is beginning to bend as well!!

On a serious note, John and his three fellow riders are achieving a fantastic pace with 415 miles completed in the first 24 hour period, a fine effort in our book – just keep it going boys and we’ll do all we can to support you along the way.

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