How Four Cyclists Share The Workload

At mid-day on Saturday June 14th a gun will be fired on the pier at Oceanside California signalling the beginning of the four man Race Across America. The race clock will not stop for the London Pride Spinhalers until they cross the finishing line 3,000 miles away in Annapolis, Maryland.

John Hall

John Hall

We have divided the journey into 7 hour shifts, with two riders working during each shift. At the time of writing we are planing for the first rider to cycle hard for 30 minutes before being replaced by his partner, who will do the same for the next 30 minutes, and so on until the end of their 7 hour shift. At this point the next two riders take their turn while those who have just completed their ride, get a massage, some food and some rest, before being woken an hour before they start pedalling again. During this hour they will complete some stretching exercise, take on more food and fluid and receive a final massage before embarking on their next 7 hour shift.

This rotation will continue for about 7 – 8 days (24 hours a day) until the finishing line is crossed. It is our intention to average about 400 miles per day, although this figure will drop when we climb ‘The Rockies’  In total there will be 170,000ft of climbing to complete, just under 25,000ft per day,

David Shephard

David Shephard

I cycled 110 miles from Okehampton to Bath a couple of years ago  which entailed just over 8,000ft of climbing, I was absolutely shattered by the end of the day and could not have contemplated any more uphill cycling! I was also averaging about 13 mph, whilst our four cyclists are anticipating an average in the region of 17 mph!

I’m sure this plan will be refined s we go along, for instance it might be worth working in 10 – 15 minute shifts during extensive climbing phases and possibly cycling for longer than 30 minutes across the plains in Kansas, with a favourable wind.

Whatever we end up doing it’ll be reported in this blog section throughout the race (wifi permitting).

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