He tried to Keep it quiet!

19th June 2014

The wonders of modern technology, Shaun Woods (in the dark clothing, holding his back – pictured below) was NOT celebrating his birthday today. He’s a London Pride Spinhaler, with us 24 hours a day and he wasn’t going to let any of us know it was his birthday.

So how did we find out? By checking spinhalers.co.uk to see if the recent blogs etc. had been uploaded (was there ever any doubt Mr Trick?? ) and there it was – a birthday message together with a great looking chocolate cake with Happy Birthday Shaun written on it. Ahh yes, it wasn’t long after seeing it, a couple of super sleuths within our team put two and two together and worked out it must be Shaun Woods as he’s the only member of our team with this first name.

You can’t keep anything secret on this trip Woodsy.

Incidentally, he was on the phone to an RV park earlier this morning trying to book us in for a couple of hours and he was asked his name. “Shaun Woods” he responded. The person he was talking to must have asked him to repeat it and he was heard to say, “Shaun Woods… as in Tiger.”

Apparently Tiger often says Tiger Woods… as in Shaun!

Happy Birthday old bean!

Shauns Birthday

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