Day One round up

Almost 15th June 2014

The ‘blue pod’ containing cyclists John Hall and Martyn Grant together with nutritionist and sports therapist Rachelle Healy and Paul Baines has just arrived in Parker, Arizona.

I understand John and Martyn managed to get a couple of hours sleep during the drive here, and are now resting until 2.30am when their next 7 hour cycling shift starts.

I’ve driven crew chief Simon Jones, who NEVER sleeps in a car, but managed to grab an hour during our journey and chief navigator Phil Couch to Parker where they are also resting.

Meanwhile the ‘green pod’ with cyclists James Fuller and Dave Shephard, nutritionist and sports therapist Maggie Davies and driver/navigator Damian (Damo) Brewer and deputy crew chief Mark Reed are out on the road having currently cycled for just less than 5 hours.

This leaves, Jill Trick, Will Trick and Jeff Thomas trying to get some rest in the motor home while Steve Hall and Sean Woods drive and navigate to their next rendezvous point, where they will prepare food for the crew and cyclists finishing their shift and appropriate food and hydration for those just about to start.

This probably all sounds a bit complicated, the logistics are incredible, particularly on day one, when people who should be resting got swept up in the challenge. However from tomorrow onwards things will settle down and 7 hour shifts should operate in more structured fashion.

I’ll try and get some middle of the night photos to illustrate some of the points I’ve just made, in the meantime you’ll have to make do with a couple of photos I took earlier today in the Mojave Desert.

Mojave Desert 2

Mojave Desert

This is going to be much tougher than any of us ever imagined.

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