Almost missed the start of the Race!!

14th June 2014

So, after ten months of meticulous planning and pontificating the race has finally started for the London Pride Spinhalers.

Team captain, leader & inspiration John Hall who assembled the team, decided he needed to answer a call of nature just prior to our estimated start time, about 12.30pm PDT. Teams 400, 401, 402, 403 etc., had already departed at one minute intervals. As team 410 were called to the line John made his dash, estimating he had about seven minutes to go as we are team No 417. What he couldn’t have known was that teams 413, 414, and 415 were being started further along the order for some reasons. Suffice to say, The London Pride Spinhalers were the only team to be called to the start line twice!!

He further covered himself in glory by making two incorrect turns within the first 7 miles. Anyway, things have settled down and as you can see we were into the Mojave Desert before too long, and John was soon powering away in 103 degrees Fahrenheit heat.

John in DesertJust to give you a feel for how hot things are currently, in the last 7 hours John has drunk 5,5 litres of fluid (over 9 pints) and has lost 1,2KG (2.5lbs) in weight.

For the record John & Martyn Grant cycled 123 miles in just under 7 hours, a great start to our campaign with a flaming long way to go!

Jeff Thomas has done a magnificent job filming the riders throughout the day, being transported by the indefatigable Paul Baines. Jeff would leapfrog the riders by several miles and then get himself ‘set up’ by the side of the road in orderJeff in Desert to capture just a few seconds of footage before moving on to the next location.

David Trick has also helped with the filming, driving duties and also has the job of principal blogger (in fact it’s me writing this one!). As you can see from my photo, I have a few hats, non of which I’m wearing and I look completely lost in the desert. Luckily, every time I run out of things to do, someone gives me another job. I’m busy and happy and hope to bring you a flavour of this incredible challenge raising money for an incredible charity Asthma UK as the days & nights go by.

David T in DesertThis is a non stop challenge until we reach the finish line.

I need to leave this WiFi spot shortly so will get this uploaded while I can. Over the next several days I’ll endeavour to provide an account of our progress and give you an insight into the characters on this trip as well as saying some extremely appreciative words about our sponsors, without who this challenge would genuinely not be possible.

So, if you can please text RAAM £5 to 70070 for Asthma UK. Thanks




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