A New Support Crew Member

Later 18th June 2014

It appears we have picked up (literally) an eighteenth crew member.

It’s 2:45 pm local time (effectively a couple of hours into day five) and the Green Pod containing cyclists James Fuller and Dave Shephard have just started their 7 hour shift. The motor home has pulled into an RV park to get some laundry under way, showers for the incoming cyclists, John and Martyn, and have a general tidy up of the various vehicles.

Will and Misty As you can see ‘Misty’ a puppy of mixed parentage, has taken a liking to Will Trick and having just  jumped straight into the motor home took no encouragement to take the extra leap into his arms. As I sit writing and look out of the window the puppy is following Will everywhere!

Here are a further few photos of around the RV park to give you a flavour of our current surroundings.

You will see our temporary washing line, with laundry drying (shouldn’t take long in this heat). Oh, and Misty who is fast becoming a member of the LPS family, I think it’s going to be a tearful goodbye!

Laundry and Misty

Martyn Grant post sports massage. The last words I heard were, “This should be done under a general anaesthetic!”

Martyn Grant on the table

In the photo below, Shaun Woods is doing his stint of washing up. A few minutes earlier the owner of the RV camp (also pictured below) asked him if he sang on the radio. Shaun responded in the negative, and the owner replied, “Shame because then I could have turned you off!”

Shaun Woods Washing Up RV Park Owner


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